AccreditStation version 4 is Now Available!

The Whole Brain Group is pleased to announce the immediate availability of AccreditStation version 4 with great new features:
AccreditStation Version 4 Now Available

  • Faster Performance — everything has been sped up, including the application compilation feature (60 seconds or less!!)
  • Completely redesigned interface with streamlined data entry.
  • New Interactive Element Index – add, edit, and delete linkages between documents and AAHRPP requirements with one click!
  • New Package Checker warns you when you’re missing documents or have linked to pages that don’t exist.
  • Quick Compile feature to run a draft application package at any time.

Plus we still have our standard features to help you get accredited with less hassle:

  • Upload PDF files into a central location for access by your entire team
  • Link supporting documents to AAHRPP accreditation requirements/elements
  • Compile a real-time element index with live linkages at any time
  • Automatic IRB and R&D Roster Creation
  • Compile your AAHRPP-ready application package in less than a minute!

Contact us today about our FREE 30-day Trial!