9 ways to make your accreditation process greener

Perform group reviews with a projector. Consider meeting in the same room and using a projector to display the document while one person makes changes, instead of printing copies for everyone. 

Use electronic annotation tools.  Instead of revising printed documents, use the “track changes” feature in Microsoft Word.  Or convert your documents to PDF and annotate with Adobe Acrobat Reader or Apple Preview. 

Print double-sided.  If you must print a draft document, print it double-sided.  Ask your IT staff to show you how – they love to feel useful! 

Use recycled materials.  Always use paper with recycled content wherever possible.  Look for paper or corn- based report covers and binders to organize yourself.

Recycle your materials.  If you must print draft documents, be sure to recycle them!  Let your kids draw on the back, or shred them for packing material. 

Use Energy Star™.  Be sure your equipment for editing and printing is labeled as Energy Star compliant.

Buy Organic.  If you’re up until the wee hours working on your application, use organic coffee as fuel.  Serve organic coffee and treats at project meetings and get bonus points if it’s also fair trade! 

Work from home.  Designate one day per week as “accreditation day”  – save gas, turn off the phone, and concentrate on your project without the distractions!

Use AccreditStation for group collaboration. Comment on document content, dynamically create your Element Index, and automatically assemble draft and final versions of your application packages — without using any paper!