Number of AccreditStation Clients Doubled in 2008

The word is out!  AccreditStation® is revolutionizing the way people manage an AAHRPP® accreditation application project. 

Last year we doubled our number of clients for the fourth year in a row – proving that more and more people are ready to concentrate on the quality of their application materials instead of wallowing in piles of paper!

Our clients tell us that they’re choosing AccreditStation in order to maximize the efficiency of their accreditation processes. By conserving staff resources, eliminating paper waste, and reducing mistakes they’re stretching their project dollars further – an essential move in times of budget tightening!

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AccreditStation Affiliate, The HRP Consulting Group, Takes the Pain Out of Getting Accredited

Three years ago, you would have found the clients of Dr. Jeffrey Cohen, President of The HRP Consulting Group, burning the midnight oil as they tried to organize and assemble all of the documents for their AAHRPP® accreditation application.  Surrounded by piles of paper and wrestling with Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat, they would spend precious hours renumbering pages, revising element indexes, and aggregating PDF files.  

But today, they’re able to accomplish all of these tasks in a fraction of the time using AccreditStation.  Collaborating remotely with clients through the AccreditStation tool, Dr. Cohen is able to help more institutions get accredited in less time – concentrating effort on the content and quality of the accreditation materials, instead of on the technical complications of organizing and assembling an application package.

Applying his 30 years of experience to the improvement of human research protection (HRP) policies and practices, Dr. Cohen has helped 9 institutions achieve AAHRPP accreditation with another 10 in the process of applying, establishing himself as an “Accreditation Guru” in the process.  “The most satisfying part of my job is passing on the lessons learned from my previous accreditation projects,” states Dr. Cohen, “If I can prevent people from reinventing the wheel, they can get accredited more quickly, improve the quality of their HRP program, and get back to the important work of protecting human subjects.”

As an AccreditStation Affiliate since 2007, The HRP Consulting Group has been certified as an authorized provider of application support, and can offer special AccreditStation rates to its clients.  Along with its network of experts, HRPA has the critically important expertise to assist institutions with a wide range of activities designed to ensure that their human research protections programs are ethically sound and legally compliant.