Video: How can I use the interactive Element Index to build my AAHRPP application?

AccreditStation 4.0 offers an additional method of linking AAHRPP accreditation elements to your uploaded supporting documents! Open the interactive Element Index and select an accreditation element. Add a new link from the element to a document. Modify or delete an existing link. Change the order of one or more document links displayed under an accreditation […]

Video: How do I add a new document to my AAHRPP application?

Is this the first time you’ve logged into AccreditStation? Or do you just need a brief reminder about how easy it is to upload your documents? Watch our video to learn all you’ll need to know to begin assembling the supporting documents for your AAHRPP application.

Video: How do I compile an AAHRPP application package?

You’ll like this answer, especially if you’ve ever had to assemble an AAHRPP application package manually. Use AccreditStation’s new Package Checker to monitor your progress as you collect and upload your required documents. Compile your application anytime you want, as often as you want. In less than 60 seconds, your PDF application package can be […]

Video: How do I make changes to my AAHRPP application package?

One of the many advantages of using AccreditStation is the ease with which you can revise your AAHRPP application. Change your application type to Step 2 — AccreditStation automatically adds Section E. Drag and drop a document link to a new position under an accreditation element in your Index — AccreditStation reorders it in your […]