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Watch our quick 4-minute demo to see how AccreditStation can solve the top problems faced by institutional accreditation teams:

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  • Organizing the Self-Assessment Process
  • Managing Supporting Documents
  • Linking Documents to AAHRPP® Accreditation Elements
  • Generating the Element Index
  • Compiling the Application Packages for Each Stage of AAHRPP Accreditation
  • Keeping Information Updated Between AAHRPP Accreditation Cycles

Happy Customers Say…

  • Deborah Fox, Louis Stokes Cleveland VA Medical Center

    The use of AccreditStation saved our medical center valuable time as we prepared for the AAHRPP accreditation process.

    Time that would have been devoted to compiling the numerous documents into the AAHRPP self-evaluation application was allocated to reviewing and improving our human research protection program.

    Administrator, Medical Center